Support a dynamic and innovative business climate

Ontario Liberal Plan June 21, 2014
In progress
Nov 2017

create an environment that foster growth in business

budget statement November 16, 2017

The primary goal of this liberal government is to create an environment that foster growth in business by providing funding and other technical support for the small businesses. The Ontario government has also invested $32.4 million scale-up voucher initiative for over a period of four years in order to recruit specialized talent and to protect the intellectual property. The Ontario government 28.8 million in the Small Business Innovation Challenge pilot program, that seeks to help Ontario-based small and medium-sized enterprises for over fiver years. There are also initiatives to invest over $810 million in environmental friendly sector.

The Liberals have not passed Climate Change Mitigation and Low-carbon Economy Act, 2016, that enables the province to reinvest proceeds from the cap-and-trade program.